When Evil Follows You Home

When the one who always fixes things is in trouble, you know it’s going to be bad.

A little girl-

An old woman-

A spell woven centuries ago. A third one, trapped.

And just like that, Jody is pulled into another mystery. Determined to help the little girl and remove the spell, she sets out to unravel a web of magic beyond her understanding.

Convinced an old woman knows more than she tells, Jody seeks her advice and guidance. Instead, she finds insults and vague answers. And a dare…

Does she have the courage to face her own demons?

Jody knows what she must do. 

With a supportive Lu, and a healthy dose of skepticism, the two set out for New Orleans. The one place Jody feels completely at home. She knows the city holds the key and will reveal its secrets to her.

But those secrets bring with them demons, lurking in the dark, rotting remains of an old speakeasy just beyond the French Quarter.

Jody must uncover the secrets of the spell before someone dies- before she dies. And now there’s a new question-

If a gift is unwanted, does that make it a curse?

Once Again is the final book in the paranormal women's fiction series, When Evil Follows You Home.

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