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When Evil Follows You Home

It should have perished in the fire. Instead, it followed her. Now Anna must defeat the demons of her childhood before her family is destroyed.


Thirty years after the fire that killed her parents, Anna begins to hear the voice of her childhood imaginary friend, Ruthie. Determined to discover the truth of that night and questioning her own sanity every step of the way, Anna ignores Ruthie's warnings and finds herself consumed by a family history of denial, rage, and a devastating curse.

When the unspeakable evil finds its way into her home and threatens her daughter, Anna must risk everything she has and put the fate of their lives in Ruthie’s hands.


But who, or what, is Ruthie?

Evil Follows is the first in the When Evil Follows You Home series. If you enjoy a twisted tale of family trauma, strong women overcoming adversity, and a touch of the paranormal, you’ll want to pick up this psychological thriller today!