Breaking Locks
Extra-Ordinary Midlife, Book 1
Paranormal Women's Fiction

She’s recently widowed and on the wrong side of fifty. Seeing dead people wasn’t her idea of a midlife reinvention.

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Evil Follows
When Evil Follows You Home, Book1

She sat in the yard while her home burned behind her. Thirty years later, Anna is wrought with anxiety as she searches for answers in the gaps of her memory.

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Once Again
When Evil Follows You Home, Book 3

When the one who always fixes things is in trouble, you know it’s going to be bad. 

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Changing Locks
Extra-Ordinary Midlife, Book 2
Paranormal Women's Fiction

Quietly exploring her newfound abilities and reinventing her life, she discovers fifty is the new forty and there’s nothing quiet about it.

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The Unheard
When Evil Follows You Home, Book 2

Her cat is possessed.

​She sees murders in her dreams.

​She might be married to a serial killer. 

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