Breaking Locks, Book 1

She’s recently widowed and on the wrong side of fifty. Seeing dead people wasn’t her idea of a midlife reinvention.

Connie Keyes feels lost. After her heart surgeon husband collapsed and died, the fifty-two-year-old mother is desperately trying to find a new purpose. But reuniting with the ghost of her dearly departed opens up a completely unexpected career opportunity…

Discovering she’s descended from a long line of mediums, Connie excels at her new job with a realtor that pairs compatible residents with haunted houses. But when a property inspection pits her against a nasty poltergeist, the fledgling ghost-whisperer fears she may soon be reunited with her hubby on the other side.

Will Connie’s newly discovered talent renovate her life’s purpose, or will it become the burden from hell?

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Changing Locks, Book 2
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Quietly exploring her newfound abilities and reinventing her life, she discovers fifty is the new forty … and there’s nothing quiet about it.

Connie Keyes thought nothing could surprise her after the past year. Her dead husband’s spirit attached to a taxidermy beaver, the moratorium against magic was lifted from her family, and she acquired a gift for communicating with ghosts. Deciding it was high time for a supernatural career move, she heads to a training event she hopes will also be a relaxing getaway. But when the owner of the bed and breakfast where she’s staying suddenly dies, Connie’s plans to relax die too.

Having never met the owner before, Connie is stunned when a will surfaces that leaves her with the house, a cat, and a deadly mystery. Now with her haunted stuffed beaver tagging along, she sets out to solve the case before the killer sends her to the other side and she discovers secrets aren’t the only things buried in the basement.

Changing Locks is the second book in the Extra-Ordinary Midlife paranormal women’s fiction series. If you enjoy solving mysteries, join Connie and her friends for a little snark, a little creepiness, and a lot of laughs in this spooktacular tale.

Picking Locks, Book 3

They tried to bring the fight to her house, but she’s simply not having it.

Connie Keyes is in a budding romance…with her husband of thirty years…who happens to be a ghost.

All she wants is a little time to explore their relationship, organize her new business and process all the changes midlife brings.

Instead, her plans unravel when an unwelcome visitor bent on revenge throws her life into chaos and she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. Can she find the murderer, wrangle the ghouls, and reclaim her peace before everything she’s worked for is destroyed?

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Dead Locks, Book 4
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She never thought she’d have to face her husband’s death twice. She was wrong.
Connie Keyes has finally found some peace. After refining her capacity to communicate with ghosts and embracing her intuitive talents, she’s reconciled to spending her days helping confused wayward spirits. But her new life changes in an instant after a friend is falsely accused of murder.
Certain her buddy committed the act in self-defense, Connie worries something ominous could be pulling shady strings. But when a sinister force abducts her talking cat and sets its sights on her ghost husband, the purposeful existence she worked so hard to create turns into a living nightmare.
Can this caring woman bring back her loved ones and restore justice before her world shatters?